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Safetytec was created in 1999 just as the safety regulatory situation was becoming ever more involved and significantly complex in Europe. At that time, there was a pressing need for a company that could combine the concepts of best practice technology in safety engineering, with the ability to understand and delineate the requirements of the new and various directives and standards. Before this, the problem of confusion was everywhere, with safety product companies not understanding the regulations, and the consultancy companies not understanding machinery engineering.

This was the foundation of Safetytec, and was formed in Oxford England in 1999. This new idea of being both an engineering company and qualified safety consultancy company proved to be dramatically successful and as a result, affiliations and partnerships grew quickly by government agencies and insurance companies alike, who understood the importance of this type of ability.

In 2000, Safetytec became registered as Machinery safety experts, with the UKs Department of Trade and Industry and has since become similarly registered in other countries.

In 2001, Safetytec began working with an optoelectronics company in Italy who began manufacturing a range of safety light curtains and these have since developed to become officially the most advanced safety light curtains in the world.

In 2008, Safetytec opened a facility in Michigan USA to support the North American market.

In 2011, Safetytec launched the successful Futura range of safety light curtains in the North American Market.

Safetytec continues to pursue the concept of matching the requirements of good sound safety engineering, with the awareness and capability of a qualified and licensed safety consultancy company to give unrivaled expertise and guidance to those looking to solve machinery safety problems.