Got Questions?


Our Misson Statement:

We guarantee to always bring the very latest technologies and practices, to our clients. We aim to provide an unparalleled expert service using current consultancy knowledge and technical abilities and combine them both to give a superior service which is unrivalled. We promise to provide this service at a fair and reasonable cost.

"Our customers have found our services to be less expensive than our competitors while out servicing them as well"

Allan Foster, President Safetytec

"The service, professionalism and efficiency you provided us was outstanding!

B. Sorenson, CEO Proficient Machine Tools Detroit, MI

"Thanks for the great service and attention. Our machines definately run better thanks to your power press products and testing."

Collin Steadman, Chief Engineer Harlow Pressings Whales, UK


FAQ and Important factors of Safetytec Services

Q: Can you do CE marking for machinery AND tools?


Q: Which other EU Directives do you deal with?

A: Machinery directive, ATEX, EMC directive, Low Voltage directive, Pressure Vessels directive and Work Equipment Directive.

Q: Can you teach us to do CE marking for ourselves?

A: Yes. We have various training courses and assistance programs.

Q: Why are your safety light curtains and light guards so unique?

A: Because it is the only type with the patented cross matrix array. This means alignment problems are removed. It is amazingly easy to set up. Virtually plug and play.

Q: How do you compare on prices?

A: Much betterbut we would say that wouldnt we? Actually, because we do not earn our income from just products, or just consultancy, we are able to spread our income and thus reduce our prices. Our safety light curtains are about half of the going rate.

Q: Can you do third party testing for annex 4 equipment?

A: Generally yes. Almost all products listed in annex 4 are testable by us. Only a very few types cannot. But in these cases, we can include our partner, CCQS who can.

Q: Can you do sound testing?

A: yes, we can do sound, vibration and stop performance testing also.

Q: Where are your geographical limitations?

A: None. We have done work all over Europe, Middle East, China, North America and some African countries. We are within reason, not limited.

Q: What products do you have for machinery safety?

A: We have safety light curtains, other optoelectronic sensors, chuck guards for lathes and drills, milling machine guards, grinder guards and we can manufacture special designs to suit unique machines. We also offer safety controllers and muting relays.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: We are a founding member of IIMSE. We are qualified to IOSH, IIRSM, CITB and others. We are registered with the DTi in the UK and with the US Government export division as experts in machinery safety and expert witnesses for the legal profession.

Q: Do you offer free initial discussions or consults?

A: Absolutely always.

Q: What about security and secrecy? We have sensitive secrets.

A: We are approved by various intelligence agencies and are used to working with government agencies, and defense contractors too. Therefore we are very sensitive to clients secrets and confidentiality.

Q: What else do you do?

A: As we are qualified safety practitioners, we are also able to assist with general plant safety operations. We can offer safety policy documents, implement health and safety plans for projects, place health and safety managers on site, perform accident investigations, machinery studies, and legal arbitration.

Q: Do you have brochures and pricing that we can see online?

A: No. This is because we have a legal obligation to ensure that you are given accurate advice and information. Therefore, we offer brochures based on your application. Once we understand what you are trying to do, we can offer some suggestions and then we can give price indications based on this knowledge.

Q: Are your products certified?

A: Yes, all of them. The machine guards are manufactured to EN12100-1-2, and EN953. The safety light curtains are manufactured and certificated to EN61496-1-2. All are issued with a certificate of compliance for inclusion into your technical file.

Q: What else do you do?

A: Yes. We have various training courses and assistance programs.