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Cross Matrix Array Technology

Here it is! The next generation safety light curtain. New to North America!

As is well known, standard safety light guards or safety light curtains are notoriously difficult to set up, and have a bad habit of constantly tripping because they went out of alignment for some undeterminable reason. As a result, a lot of users dont like them because they can be more trouble than they are worth.

Welcome to the new world of cross matrix safety light curtains. Instead of with standard guards, which have matching transmitters scanning to paired receivers, and as such are crucial for alignment, cross matrix works differently. Each transmitter scans to each receiver and visa versa. This gives a wonderful cross matrix array, which does not need to be accurately aligned and will not trip out for an unknown reason.

Care to take the challenge and prove it to yourself? You just wont believe how simple they are to use. Simple plug and play technology allows fast installation and trouble free use. We guarantee it!

Unique Patented Technology

The Futura range of safety light curtains, along with its unique cross matrix array technology is brand new to North America!

The current range of the Futura safety light curtains incorporates a technology that has been independently proven by government institutions to be officially, the best safety light curtain technology in the world.

This is because of two very important factors.

1. Cross matrix technology means that the safety light curtains are virtually plug and play making installation very fast and simple. No more misalignment issues and no more going out of alignment whenever a vibration or impact occurs, perfect for automation industries. As long as the transmitter and receiver sections are generally facing each other, the safety light curtain will operate.

2. But cross matrix has another very important aspect that makes then superior for use on dangerous machinery such as presses and similar machinery. Conventional linear scanning safety light curtains have beams that are parallel to each other, which means that objects thinner that this beam separation can pass between the beams, such as sheet steel going into a press. Not so with cross matrix. Because cross matrix has beams passing in various directions, and NOT linearly, no object can pass undetected, and any thickness will be detected by the safety light curtain.

The Futura range of safety light curtains is fully certified to type 4 (SIL4) of ISO E 61496-1-2. With a full range of accessories, the Futura range of safety light curtains is suitable for any application.

Must cost more right?

In fact, its the opposite, and here`s why...

As with all technological products, new technologies often mean better, faster, and more efficient, and this is certainly true with the Futura range of safety Light curtains. Old linear scanning safety light curtains are more expensive to manufacture because of their complex lens focusing systems, and associated electronics, which is why they are harder to set up, and more prone to trip.

Cross matrix array safety light curtains dont need to be focused this way and therefore do not need this antiquated system. The electronics are much simpler and therefore faster and more reliable. The best part is that this also means they cost much less than the older technology.

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