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Risk Assessment

Your machine is always considered NOT SAFE unless you can prove that it is, by way of a proper process of risk analysis or numeric assessment. It makes no difference how safe or how well built your machinery or products are, if you cannot prove it by the process of risk analysis and risk reduction.

Risk assessment is a mandatory part of the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the European Machinery directive 2006/42/EC, needed for CE compliance.

The Directive focuses heavily on risk and risk reduction, as it considers any machine to be unsafe unless proven otherwise. For this reason, Risk assessment is crucial in the process of CE marking and general machinery safety. Risk assessment is used to first determine a machines ability to cause harm and degree of harm. It is also used to measure any residual risk level after any safety action is taken, and to determine the effectiveness of any safety system fitted to a machine.

Risk assessment, whether for CE marking or not, is the single most important aspect of any machinery safety process and the ability to perform this process adequately, is vital to a safe machine. Dont take chances, get trained!

Testing & Measurement

  • Noise or Sound pressure test
  • Vibration including whole body vibration
  • Stop performance testing.
  • Safety product verification

Many US, European and other international standards require that certain aspects of machinery be assessed by means of approved test and measurement. In some cases, the measurements must be recorded in a systematic way, and be used to determine the value of hazard or risk, or the suitability of a safety system.

Safetytec offers as part of our CE compliance programs, or as separate services, the ability to test and measure such hazards.


Dont take chances, get trained!

Whether you are entering a program to comply with CE marking, or whether you are involved with a safety improvement program, you will need to have the know how.

There are many areas of machinery safety that require competence to perform adequately in order to achieve a suitable and confident level of safety or safety integrity.

Safetytec offers a variety of training courses from Risk assessment training, to CE awareness courses. Ask us about providing a tailor made course to suit your individual requirements.


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